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8 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in a Crisis

8 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in a Crisis

Work Less Hours

Work fewer hours, increase productivity and profits…. how to work less and make more in four easy steps.

Furlough Guidance for Employers

Understand about eligibility, access and process to look after your greatest asset – your team

Digital Marketing – Tools and Tips

As you consider shifting your marketing to more digital formats it is important that you know the basics. Setting budgets, creating compelling ads and refining target audiences are all very important to ensure you get the biggest bang for your bucks. A one-size-fits-all messaging and ad strategy is no longer the recommended approach. The more…

Crisis Communication Tip Sheet

Once you recognise a crisis is forming, get ready for action and establish a communication plan. This checklist is designed to help you create and execute a communication plan for both internal and external audiences.

Instant Testing & Measuring

If you don’t know where your customers come from, you’re really stabbing around in the dark. You have no real idea which marketing campaigns are working, how well your salespeople are doing or even how much each sale is ‘costing you’. Once you know these things, you have the power to make decisions, and good…

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