Who is Caryn?

Caryn Dunlop, our Senior Partner, is an experienced and knowledgeable business growth expert who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to small- and medium-sized business. Her experience with SMEs means she understands the difficulties faced and that often you’re lucky to have a team member for each single business function, certainly no team per function!


Capitalising on valuable leads is key to building a profitable company and Caryn’s highly successful sales background will ensure you and your team know exactly how to maximise opportunities, particularly when you’re investing in marketing.

Her design background also means she can constructively critique marketing and design work, ensuring your investment gives a good return.

Her previous experience includes stepping into a family car servicing business to rescue it from years of loss making to profit within a year. This wasn’t an easy task and you’ll probably be familiar with the 70-hour working week, marketing on a shoestring budget and implementing changes with a long established team happy with the status quo.

When you work with Caryn using the ActionCOACH tools and strategies you can expect:

  • Effective communication and clear explanations;
  • Clear goals with measurable progression and achievements;
  • Personalised bespoke planning and strategy for any size of business;
  • Support and encouragement;
  • Knowledge, experience and a steady voice at the end of the phone when yet another “trial” is sent to test you.
  • Results!


How Caryn Works

You’ll find Caryn is great at listening and understanding, personable and friendly. This combined with her straightforward approach makes her easy to work with.

She loves to learn and over the years she has developed extensive business skills from marketing and team building to finance and sales. Her experience includes running teams, taking new products to market, starting a new business and building companies. She can see the bigger picture with clear strategic thinking and perspective that works through to the finer details of implementation.

Outside of ActionCOACH

Is there such a thing?! Ok, outside of work Caryn is a petrol-head and loves cars and motorbikes, rides a Ducati, appreciates great design and all things aesthetic, including her garden, but you’re just as likely to find her at a restaurant enjoying delicious food (cooking is not her strong point) or involved in the local community.


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